Fringe Photography was born out of the passion for photography of Pretoria husband and wife team, Bothma and Liz van Tonder. As the name Fringe Photography implies, we particularly enjoy focusing on unusual subjects, people and situations (anything other people might consider to be the fringes of society), trying to capture reflections of reality as we perceive it through our cameras.

We have been involved in photography for a couple of years now, but the idea for Fringe Photography only became a reality in April of 2013, when we decided we would like to take a more formal approach to photography, specifically with the view of starting to do more work with models, bands etc. We had already done a couple of courses through the College of Digital Photography (which is well worth checking out if you are interested in doing some photography courses), so we decided to invest in getting a basic studio up and running and spend some more time building our portfolio.

Both of us have full time careers, but we try to spend every waking moment of our free time taking photographs. We both love doing studio, event, portrait and people photography, particularly anything to do with the Gothic, Alternative and Metal subcultures. Since we both work full time, we usually do all of our shoots over weekends, with the occasional shoot after hours during the week. We don't think of our photography as an extra job, for us it is a passion and a hobby that we can enjoy together. Although we have a particular passion for the strange and unusual, especially alternative subcultures, we enjoy any type of shoot and always strive to deliver what our clients require.