Models: Melissa Breedt, Michelle Swart and Cindy Pretorius
Photography: Fringe Photography

Cornelius Gerhardus van Rooyen or 'Gert van Rooyen' was a South African paedophile and serial killer (although never convicted) who, together with his female partner Joey Haarhoff, abducted and apparently murdered at least six young girls between 1988 and 1989. Their victims were never found as the pair committed suicide when faced with arrest after the escape of their last kidnap victim. This story and the girls he abducted was the inspiration behind this photo.

We grew up when this story was in all the newspapers and it made a big impact on us. We wonder what happened to the girls Gert abducted. Are they still alive somewhere or did they die and are now trapped in an abandoned house of hell. The house the photos in this series were taken is a few houses down from where Gert's house stood (since demolished).